About Me

My DDR Story is below, but if you want to play together sometime, I play at Duluth Dave & Busters during the school year, and Nashville Dave & Busters during the summer. Add me on Discord trek#6850 if you want to.

My name is Josh, I’m 18, and I started playing DDR (seriously) in April of 2017. I played DDR for the first time when I was 5 years old at my friends house, DDRMAX2 for the PS2. I played that every now and then for about a year and a half, until I was 7. Then, I quit playing dance games altogether. I got back into rhythm games when I was around 14, with Stepmania on my keyboard. I played that for quite a while, and followed the In the Groove scene fairly closely. When I learned about DDR A in late March, and that there was a machine a few hours away from my university, I had to give it a go. Ever since then, I fallen in love again and have been playing as much as I can so I can improve and reach the next level!